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About Thea&Me

I'm a mummy who loves jewellery and I have a baby who loves to mouth it! Even now at 1.5 years old, when those pesky teeth decide to make an appearance everything goes straight into her mouth to be gnawed on like a little squirrel.

So I understandably became a bit paranoid about what I was wearing around my neck. -Is it safe to chew? Probably not. -Could a sacred piece of jewellery be broken? Highly likely. -Is this a potential choking hazard? Errrr yep! This meant when I became a mummy I found myself hanging up my beautiful statement necklaces to be admired from afar *sigh.

This gave me a great idea! Infants love interacting with things and of course gumming stuff. Why not find something that could serve us both? A necklace that finishes off my outfit while keeping bubs amused and babbling away happily.

I set to experimenting making necklaces. After the first few outings I was so pleased to receive compliments on my individual necklaces and was even more ecstatic with my little one’s appreciation of them.

They are absolutely fantastic at helping sooth sore teeth and gums! But I also found that not only were they great for a teething child, they've been excellent when carrying baby. When she was younger they were great for oral exploration and as she gets older she loves to fiddle with them, which let's be honest has helped save mummy from hair pulling, pinching and the occasional scratching.  The shapes and colours are a great way to aid cognitive and sensory development.  I've also found them invaluable to keep babies occupied while feeding. Whether it's at the breast or from a bottle, it's helped when out and about to stop the surrounding distractions and inevitable spillage or nipple flash!

I was so pleased with my necklaces I decided to share them. I set out to find the best product to work with. I obviously wanted to ensure that the necklaces would be both safe and functional. But I also wanted to give mums something pretty and stylish. Something that would give you the feeling of wearing your favourite statement piece. I most definitely wanted something that would actually go with any outfit...
We mums deserve a treat too!

I've spent a lot of time sourcing premium products for these creations, meaning you have that luxurious feel while also knowing that they are safe for your most precious little person.  Safety is a top priority even down to our packaging.  Our first layer is acid free tissue paper protecting your necklace from any nasties that could leach into the material during transit.

Our necklaces pass General Product Safety and the relevant EN-71 safety features.

All our silicone products are:

  • Made with 100% food grade silicone
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • BPA free
  • Lead free
  • PVC free
  • Mercury free
  • Phthalates free
  • FDA approved
  • LFGB approved
  • SGS approved
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non stick
  • Odourless

The wooden rings and wooden beads are made from a gorgeous, high quality North American maple. They come treated and untreated. Any treated wood has been lovingly hand cared for with certified organic beeswax and olive oil which is all derived from fair-trade organisations.

Lastly is our absolutely gorgeous crochet bead necklaces which are the same beautiful wood encased in 100% cotton. I must admit these are a favourite of ours. Each bead is handmade to give a top quality tight knit. They are also:

  • BPA free 
  • FDA approved
  • CPSIA & CPSC compliant 
  • Free from: Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates and PVC

Thea&Me want every mama to feel special knowing that her jewellery has been designed, hand crafted and packaged with the utmost care, consideration and love.

With love from one mummy to another.

(Of course we don't discriminate against grandparents and daddies. We'd love to see them sporting our wears too :-) and hey who said you need babies to enjoy our necklaces)