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Chunky Crochet

All our necklaces are designed and handcrafted with mamas in mind, and our main aim is to make you feel special.  For our Chunky Crochet creations, we use only the highest quality untreated maple wood and 100% cotton, so you can feel confident that your little cherub is safe to chomp and fiddle while you sashay away feeling fabulous.

We love this range of chunky crocheted hexagonal necklaces.  Their unique shape and feel not only look great, but offer some chunky, funky fun for your little one too. Absolutely fantastic pieces for statement necklace lovers with their individual textures and shapes.  I wear these with absolutely everything, definitely a staple in our house.

This collection features eight colour choices.  each necklace has five crocheted hexagon beads, framed with round crocheted beads and finished with maple wood.  The necklace has a drop length of approximately 33 inches.  It comes ready to wear or you can easily personalise it to the perfect length for you.

Please visit our Safety & Care section to see the full list of safety features, instructions for cleaning & adjustments, how to use safely and full list of specifications.

Safety notice - This is a piece of adult jewellery, not a toy.  Please remember to never leave a child unattended with the necklace.  For adult wear only.

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